Tuesday, April 12, 2016

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People seem to like it and it is very popular.

Monday, April 11, 2016

To my Dear Ones who have asked here is my email address:  saricalvert@gmail.com,  and my web address:  www.saricalvert.com. -  am running a spring discount on my services -  yeah, it is spring!

Love, Light and Hugs!
Hello to all my Lovely Clients and Friends!

It has indeed been a long time since I last wrote -  I have been busy taking care of my new family -  my darling husband Byron, who is overcoming some serious health problems, and our two, geriatric doggies.  Sadly, the doggies have passed.   We are still grieving for them.  Our boy died last December and our girl died 3 years ago, also in December.  I am also taking care of my dear, big brother who was diagnosed with Stage 4 Lung Cancer in mid-November, 2015.

What is it  about November and December?  It seems most of my spiritual lessons centering around death, grief and illness have happened in those two months.   My own personal bout with uterine cancer also happened in December 2006 -  I have been cancer free for almost 10 years  now -  yeah -  Thank you Jesus, amen!  I give thanks every day for that blessing.  Two years after that trial I met my dear husband, married for the first time, and became locally famous as a Washington, D.C. psychic, with written press in the Washington Post newspaper, radio shows and special events at the Smithsonian Museum.  God does work in mysterious ways when you are doing your dharma.

My spiritual work has continued full blast and unabated  just by word of mouth -  readings, workshops, meditations, etc., and I have completed another project dear to my heart:  I have written a  book about my past life  in Shepherdstown, West Virginia during the War Between the States.  It is a paranormal, historical, inspirational, spiritual fiction romance set in modern day Washington D.C. and Gettysburg, Pa., and 19th century Virginia and West Virginia.  It involves the battle of Gettysburg, time travel and a  Confederate ghost caught in time.  It also revolves around the themes of war, patriotism , honor, bravery, duty, family, true love, redemption and karma, both bad and good, between mortal enemies and devoted lovers, forgiving your enemies and God given second chances.  It is gripping and highly emotional.

Although a "fictional book"  the core of the novel is my past life.  So, here I am 1,000 pages and 3 years later.  It will be out soon.  I will keep you posted in my blogs as to its exact  release date.

This is the first book in a series of books about the karma between 2  thwarted, devoted soul mates separated and lost to each other and the spiritual lessons each must learn.  So you see my belief in reincarnation, soul mates, true love and past lives is as strong as ever.

Talk to you again soon!   Hugs, Love and Light!

The prodigal daughter has returned!

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

God's Divine Plan in the Land of Marriage! Total Bliss!!

Hello My Dear Friends!

It is been awhile since I've taken pen in hand and written.  I have been enjoying married life.  I sometimes wonder why God waited so long to bring me the other half of my heart.  I think it was because I was a stubborn soul and wanted it when I wanted it.  I refused to give it to God. 

I mean really submitting my will, my wanting, to HIS timing and accept He would bring me True Love in HIS way.  I finally accepted HIS plan with every fibre of my being. That is when God brought me Byron, My Beloved, My One True Love.

I got busy being happy. 

There are really just 3 things that have to be in place before you connect with your true heartmate.  You have to love yourself - hard thing to do sometimes, I know.  You have to love what you do for a living and finally you are not looking to be rescued.  No white knight is going to come along and magically make your life better. 

You have to make it better!  You have to be the change you want in your life!  You have to be the type of person you want in your life.  If you want kindness be kind.  If you want honesty be honest.  It is what I teach in my Soulmate Attraction Workshop/Bootcamp - see http://www.saricalvert.com/ .

It is what I said in my Soulmate Attraction video - http://www.youtube.com/   

Be loving and you will attract love.  Let your imagination soar and create your life -  it is what I do in all my soulmate meditations - http://www.saricalvert.com/ via skype, phone, in person or groups.

Nothing really holds you back except negativity.   Accept and love yourself and you will attract it back.  Like does attract like on a soul level.    If you want to talk more about it just email me:  saricalvert@gmail.com.

That is it for tonight - I need to hold hands and watch the telly with my hubby and 2 children(of the 4 legged variety) - bark, bark!!   Watch for my other blogs....On other subjects as varied as Halloween, Travel to sacred places, dating, wholistic healing, soulmate gifts, reincarnation, past lives, karmic bonds, and the magic of ipads........Yes, I've joined the 21st century!  lol

Monday, January 10, 2011

How Our Pets Help Us Find Our Soulmates

Pets are a piece of our soul connection to world. Many times pets have traveled many lifetimes with us and have been an important part of our life, giving us comfort, joy and a sense of continuity on earth.  Our pets act as our truest friends. When someone comes into our life and they don't connect with our pets, we are not seeing the part of us that is not connecting to that person.  It doesn't mean they aren't supposed to be in our life, it just means we are missing a piece of the whole picture with that person.  Like a mirror, the pets in our life reflect who we are and when another comes into the picture, it may take time to form a new image.  Ultimately, we have the opportunity to see ourselves clearly by connecting with our pets and how that connects with the people in our lives, soul mates included.  Love and peace, Sari

 For more on soul mate connections and meditations, see my youtube videos for attracting your soul mate

Meditation For Attracting Your Soul Mate

Meditation For Attracting Your Soul Mate, by Sari Calvert, Clairvoyant, Intuitive Consultant and Meditation Coach. ... Medititaion "Soul Mates" ...
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 or go to my website http://saricalvert.com/.

Monday, December 20, 2010

Think With Your Heart and Feel with Your Mind

Greetings Everyone From the Land of Marriage(Terrific - Going Strong after 8 Months)!

Today I want to talk about Feeling With Your Mind and Thinking With Your Heart  - I know, I know an oxymoron, makes no sense(as my husband is fond of saying - what can I say he is a lawyer). Feeling with your mind regarding your Beloved means - trying to understand with logic and reason what makes the other half of your heart tick, his emotional core  - why he says or does something that completely baffles you -  if you put yourself in his place, walk around in his shoes for a moment - well, you get it.  You feel empathy in an objective way.  We all have life experiences that shape us - and certain perplexing reactions to situations from our partner that upset us or baffle us can be explained through our careful analysis plus a dose of compassion.  Then comes true understanding and empathy of the behavior or pattern.

One needs also to  think with your heart - My husband and I have had both very different and very similar life experiences(feeling unloved and unlovable for a large part of our lives, for example).   But when we feel empathy and logically examine the action it all makes sense -  it becomes emotional intelligence - heart and  mind come together and we arrive at that AhHa moment.  So in this season of joy and peace take time to feel with your mind and think with your heart when faced with behavior that makes "no sense".  You will reach that AhHa moment and won't be frustrated as to the why of a certain reaction.

Sunday, November 28, 2010

The Ah ha Moment and Total Knowing Between True Soulmates

Hi Everyone!

Well, have spent my first Thanksgiving as a married woman - and it seems like I have been with him and the doggies forever! What can I say about being with someone who loves you incredibly and whom you love with every fiber of your being....

I think true love, with the Beloved of your heart, is possible for everyone...not just the beautiful, the rich, the young, or the thin...everyone can connect with a positive soulmate.  People often ask me how I knew Byron was  "the one"  the other half of my heart - after a whole lifetime of being alone and not really dating? I'll tell you the secret...just give it to God and trust that He will bring the right person into your life -  and take every opportunity that is presented to you to meet people.  Me?  I had not been on a blind date since my 20's -  none of which had been good experiences but when the opportunity to meet a new person was presented to me, I took it.

I must admit it helps that I'm clairvoyant and saw what he looked like and was presented with 2 confirming Ah ha moments.  First, while meditating on Byron I was shown the scene from Gone With The Wind -  the one right in the beginning o the movie when war is declared and Ashley kisses Melanie from the horse(So I knew he would be a romantic Beloved and not hurt me) and second, when I was sitting with a friend in Leopold's Kafe in Georgetown and I was telling the friend I was just about to meet Byron - going down to my sister's 4 hours away to do so -  at that very moment a woman in a full wedding gown and her groom were walking across the patio for a photo shoot -  my friend looked at me and I looked back and we both nodded our heads!  So, dear friends,  those were the 2 Ah ha Moments.

Total Knowing came from the moment I met him.  I knew he was the one.  A calmness came over me and I felt like I had known him forever - and he told the people who introduced us - it was at their house that we had a our blind introductory dinner date -  that I was the woman he was looking for his entire life....end of story....

So pay attention to those inklings and really, really give it toGod.