Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Finding the Other Half of Your Heart

Finding your Beloved,  I think is one of the hardest and yet at the same time easiest things to achieve -  with God's help and the inner guidance that comes with meditation - which is in fact, Listening to God...  For so long I tried to demand God that he bring me my soulmate  NOW-  until i surrendered and released the problem to God -  after making my soulmate list 2 years ago August -  I made it - actually sitting in Barnes and Nobles and drinking ice coffee and just said Ok God you take care of it -  this is what I want -  if you bring someone in fine -  if not I accept that too, whatever is Your Will.  The moment I did that I knew he would come -  and he did one month later!  My list was specific and full of intangibles -  kind, loyal, emotionally available, ready -  nothing about wealth, looks, etc.  That's the key, I think -  the intangibles -  qualities of character, heart, mind and soul that are already there and that last.  Also, being in a place in your life where you feel Ok about yourself -  your looks, your work, etc.  Never, never looking for someone to rescue you -  only you and God's love can do that.

Three Years before I had gone through the dark night of the soul -  poverty, 2 serious illnesses, depression - and came out of it by realizing the power of God's love -  that I was loved and always will be by God.

So -  make your list and know that God does answer prayers..  I am living proof of it -  married and so very, very happy and loved by a wonderful, kind man -  even at my age!