Sunday, August 8, 2010

The Intuitive Bond Between Soulmates

Greetings everyone from the Land of Marriage!  Yes, marriage can be wonderful and happy when 2 people are in sync and lousy when you are out of sync.

One thing I've really noticed between my husband and myself is how we read each other's thoughts and actions -  even doing the same thing at the exact moment -  like both getting up from a sound sleep at the same moment to use the bathroom -  or both saying at the exact moment we are thirsty.    But even deeper...knowing when the other is hurt, troubled, upset without the other ever indicating it and always being ready to help the other one -  with a kind word, a kiss or a hug.  That, my friends, is the key to happiness between anyone -  noticing the other's pain, compromising and giving love and loyalty.  Really, the intangibles - kindness, consideration, generosity, self-less giving and love and support -  without judgement or criticism -  and forgiveness and tolerance -  those are the keys to happiness -  the tangibles - wealth, power and position are fleeting -  only heart, mind, spirit and character last!

So, when your first instinct to be harsh or lash out -  stop a moment - count to 10 -  and just give...

Light and Love!

Sari Calvert Dail