Sunday, November 28, 2010

The Ah ha Moment and Total Knowing Between True Soulmates

Hi Everyone!

Well, have spent my first Thanksgiving as a married woman - and it seems like I have been with him and the doggies forever! What can I say about being with someone who loves you incredibly and whom you love with every fiber of your being....

I think true love, with the Beloved of your heart, is possible for everyone...not just the beautiful, the rich, the young, or the thin...everyone can connect with a positive soulmate.  People often ask me how I knew Byron was  "the one"  the other half of my heart - after a whole lifetime of being alone and not really dating? I'll tell you the secret...just give it to God and trust that He will bring the right person into your life -  and take every opportunity that is presented to you to meet people.  Me?  I had not been on a blind date since my 20's -  none of which had been good experiences but when the opportunity to meet a new person was presented to me, I took it.

I must admit it helps that I'm clairvoyant and saw what he looked like and was presented with 2 confirming Ah ha moments.  First, while meditating on Byron I was shown the scene from Gone With The Wind -  the one right in the beginning o the movie when war is declared and Ashley kisses Melanie from the horse(So I knew he would be a romantic Beloved and not hurt me) and second, when I was sitting with a friend in Leopold's Kafe in Georgetown and I was telling the friend I was just about to meet Byron - going down to my sister's 4 hours away to do so -  at that very moment a woman in a full wedding gown and her groom were walking across the patio for a photo shoot -  my friend looked at me and I looked back and we both nodded our heads!  So, dear friends,  those were the 2 Ah ha Moments.

Total Knowing came from the moment I met him.  I knew he was the one.  A calmness came over me and I felt like I had known him forever - and he told the people who introduced us - it was at their house that we had a our blind introductory dinner date -  that I was the woman he was looking for his entire life....end of story....

So pay attention to those inklings and really, really give it toGod.

Monday, November 1, 2010

Divine Timing Between Soulmates

Hello Everyone from the Land of Marriage!

Hope all my friends, both old and new, had a Happy Halloween.  My husband(still seems a tad peculiar to use that term -  I know, I know I'll get use to it!) and I spent Halloween sitting outside on the porch handing out candy to adorable children - and more than a few adorable doggies(we had doggie treats on hand).  As we sat there we wondered why we came to meet each other so late in life -  why didn't we meet 20 years before, married and cranked out one or two little hedgehogs( aka!?

 I believe it was Divine Timing that brought us together.  Divine Timing or God's Will of how and why people meet, of who and why things happen to people - both good and bad, is a subtle energy that runs through a lifetime.  Each partner has to be ready to meet the other half of their heart -  mentally, spiritually, emotionally and physically.  Your soul has to be ready.   Now that is a tricky business - being ready to connect and love and accept the other person unconditionally, to be compassionate and kind and accept the other's humanity and life story.

When I met my husband I was finally ready.  I had accepted myself, loved what I did for a living(helping people with my gift) and was not looking to be "rescued".  And most important, after making my soulmate list while sitting in Barnes and Nobles a month before I met him, I gave the situation to God -  I accepted what He would bring or if He even would bring me my Beloved.  That, my friends is the key - giving it God and accepting what He brings us - and being OK with His decision.  That is hard because we humans want to control everything -  and really what do we really control - ever?

It is also realizing that perhaps if He had brought someone in sooner it would not have worked out.  We all go through life experiences that hone us -  like dross into gold - and then we emerge more calm, peaceful, non-judgmental and loving.

So for all those who are waiting patiently and not so patiently -  ALL things happen in God's way and time and our job is just to believe and have faith.