Sunday, November 28, 2010

The Ah ha Moment and Total Knowing Between True Soulmates

Hi Everyone!

Well, have spent my first Thanksgiving as a married woman - and it seems like I have been with him and the doggies forever! What can I say about being with someone who loves you incredibly and whom you love with every fiber of your being....

I think true love, with the Beloved of your heart, is possible for everyone...not just the beautiful, the rich, the young, or the thin...everyone can connect with a positive soulmate.  People often ask me how I knew Byron was  "the one"  the other half of my heart - after a whole lifetime of being alone and not really dating? I'll tell you the secret...just give it to God and trust that He will bring the right person into your life -  and take every opportunity that is presented to you to meet people.  Me?  I had not been on a blind date since my 20's -  none of which had been good experiences but when the opportunity to meet a new person was presented to me, I took it.

I must admit it helps that I'm clairvoyant and saw what he looked like and was presented with 2 confirming Ah ha moments.  First, while meditating on Byron I was shown the scene from Gone With The Wind -  the one right in the beginning o the movie when war is declared and Ashley kisses Melanie from the horse(So I knew he would be a romantic Beloved and not hurt me) and second, when I was sitting with a friend in Leopold's Kafe in Georgetown and I was telling the friend I was just about to meet Byron - going down to my sister's 4 hours away to do so -  at that very moment a woman in a full wedding gown and her groom were walking across the patio for a photo shoot -  my friend looked at me and I looked back and we both nodded our heads!  So, dear friends,  those were the 2 Ah ha Moments.

Total Knowing came from the moment I met him.  I knew he was the one.  A calmness came over me and I felt like I had known him forever - and he told the people who introduced us - it was at their house that we had a our blind introductory dinner date -  that I was the woman he was looking for his entire life....end of story....

So pay attention to those inklings and really, really give it toGod.