Monday, December 20, 2010

Think With Your Heart and Feel with Your Mind

Greetings Everyone From the Land of Marriage(Terrific - Going Strong after 8 Months)!

Today I want to talk about Feeling With Your Mind and Thinking With Your Heart  - I know, I know an oxymoron, makes no sense(as my husband is fond of saying - what can I say he is a lawyer). Feeling with your mind regarding your Beloved means - trying to understand with logic and reason what makes the other half of your heart tick, his emotional core  - why he says or does something that completely baffles you -  if you put yourself in his place, walk around in his shoes for a moment - well, you get it.  You feel empathy in an objective way.  We all have life experiences that shape us - and certain perplexing reactions to situations from our partner that upset us or baffle us can be explained through our careful analysis plus a dose of compassion.  Then comes true understanding and empathy of the behavior or pattern.

One needs also to  think with your heart - My husband and I have had both very different and very similar life experiences(feeling unloved and unlovable for a large part of our lives, for example).   But when we feel empathy and logically examine the action it all makes sense -  it becomes emotional intelligence - heart and  mind come together and we arrive at that AhHa moment.  So in this season of joy and peace take time to feel with your mind and think with your heart when faced with behavior that makes "no sense".  You will reach that AhHa moment and won't be frustrated as to the why of a certain reaction.