Monday, January 10, 2011

How Our Pets Help Us Find Our Soulmates

Pets are a piece of our soul connection to world. Many times pets have traveled many lifetimes with us and have been an important part of our life, giving us comfort, joy and a sense of continuity on earth.  Our pets act as our truest friends. When someone comes into our life and they don't connect with our pets, we are not seeing the part of us that is not connecting to that person.  It doesn't mean they aren't supposed to be in our life, it just means we are missing a piece of the whole picture with that person.  Like a mirror, the pets in our life reflect who we are and when another comes into the picture, it may take time to form a new image.  Ultimately, we have the opportunity to see ourselves clearly by connecting with our pets and how that connects with the people in our lives, soul mates included.  Love and peace, Sari

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Meditation For Attracting Your Soul Mate

Meditation For Attracting Your Soul Mate, by Sari Calvert, Clairvoyant, Intuitive Consultant and Meditation Coach. ... Medititaion "Soul Mates" ...
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